Tacoma Downtown

South of the SeaTac airport and north of Olympia is a city undergoing a dramatic transformation to recapture and redefine its glory days. Tacoma has leashed the power of the creatives – the visionaries, artists, and writers – along with businesses both large and tiny, to preserve and display its storied past and leap into its hopeful future. Now Tacoma has the highest density of any of Washington’s many museum districts, and it boasts half a dozen institutions of higher education. The number and superiority of the parks is unparalleled, and is led by Point Defiance Park, which includes Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium and covers over 700 acres. Much of downtown contains the more than a thousand historic properties and 165 heritage landmarks. You can find any number of international dishes among the dozens of restaurants from the hole-in-the-wall to upscale dining establishments in the concert, museum, and theater districts. Come and find the stunning views from properties at entry-level prices at the up-and-coming Downtown Tacoma – “The City of Destiny.”