When you are ready to sell, your concerns are to make sure you don’t leave money on the table and that you can sell and move within your timeline. If you are selling in order to buy something else, that timing and the resulting property proceeds can become even more critical.

In this day in age, you have dozens of business models to choose from to get your home sold from do-it-yourself “FSBO” models to low-service options. However, you never know how much money these options can cost you rather than save you because you only get to sell your home once.

Before I share my home-selling plan with you, I want to hear about your goals – your financial goals, your timeline, and your next steps. Let’s have a cup of coffee! Here are just some of the things we will review in our meeting:

  • Tell me about your next step and if you need help finding or securing your next home.
  • Let me know about your timeline.
  • Let’s talk about your home, its condition, and what, if anything, you are willing to do to polish it for the market.
  • I will share the current market conditions with you and how these might affect your home sale.
  • I will also talk with you about your home’s custom marketing plan I will put together for you.
  • Of course, I will also need to see your home so I can start working on pricing research so we price your home just right.

Reach out to me to get the ball rolling!