After a career of investing in properties myself and building my portfolio through short term holding (buy-improve-sell) & long term rentals, I have an innate understanding of the ins and outs of investments. I have helped many investors do the same and my desire is to help you achieve your Real Estate goals!

Finding the right investment team is essential for your bottom line. Working with someone who is not just an advisor but who has had their own boots on the ground and developed their own successful portfolio is important. I have a team of industry professionals that I am proud to refer and help you on your prosperous investment path.

Track Record:

In my portfolio, all properties were targeted and purchased at a large discount – up to 40% of value at the time of purchase. Either through cash flow, or an intentional value-added remodel, we increased the value of current Long Term Hold Properties from 27% to 74% of purchased value. Our Short Term Hold track record also is quite impressive.  From 17% to 65% cash on cash return, all realized within a short 3 to 6 month process, purchase to closed sale!

Short Term Hold:

Each market holds different opportunities for finding suitable properties for buying, improving, and selling. Depending on your goals and the current market, I will work with you to properly structure the purchase, determine lending options, and budget for needed renovations. I have an extensive vendor list that I would be happy to share with you.

Long Term Hold:

What are your objectives? Strong cash flow? Appreciation? I will work with you to determine options that match your goals and then review properties that fit your criteria. Whether you desire single family residences, town-homes or condos, duplexes, or four-plexes, I can help you. Desire apartments or commercial? I will refer you to our Commercial Department and walk side by side with you as your advisor.

1031 Exchange:

When it is time to sell or leverage your property, I have connections and facilitators who can make sure your exchange proceeds without a hitch so your tax liability is minimized.