Issaquah Seller Success – 33108 SE 126th Pl Issaquah, WA sold for $625,000

I have known these clients for over 20 years, & even though they have other neighbors and friends that are also Agents, they knew they needed the best for this complicated transaction. They received an unsolicited offer from a renter in a nice River front house they owned in Issaquah. The offer was very low, they were not thinking of selling but wanted my opinion. After showing them the true value of the house, and discussing the options, they decided to move forward with possibly selling the home to the tenant. After a few weeks of back and forth, we got the price up by over $200,000. Because my clients were now convinced that selling was a good option, we did not want to waste valuable summer listing time if the renter could not preform. We insisted on mortgage Pre Approval, & them showing Proof of Funds ( a bank statement). We also insisted on no repairs, besides a certified septic system, as the tenant had been there a long time.

Picture of 33108 SE 126th St Issaquah, WA
33108 SE 126th St issaquah, WA
Sold for $625,000

A few weeks later, we closed the deal. Unrealized potential & good timing resulted in my clients now having many options in front of them.

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