Bellevue Buyer Success

After over 60 years living in this house, the sellers decided it was time for a new chapter for this Bellevue rambler.  Located near the newly renovated Lake Hills Library, Samena Swim Club and all that Bellevue has to offer, the competition was very strong.  After establishing a good working relationship with the agent represented the seller, we made a good offer.  Others buyers did the same, causing the price to go over asking.  We were faced with pulling out our trump card, my buyers lucky numbers.  They worked, $627,280 was the price we settled on and our offer was accepted.  Two short weeks later my ‘lucky’ buyer took possession.   Even at a price slightly over asking my buyer is thrilled because he knows the value in Bellevue.  He has started a renovation, that will unlock unseen potential & return more value than the cost of doing it. 

15433 SE 8th St Bellevue, WA Purchased for $627,280

A true story of being prepared, realizing unseen value, and a touch of luck!!

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