The value of Sewer Scopes

My recent listing in Lake Forest Park was immaculate! Two offers in quickly with more on the way. Both of the top buyers asked for inspections, both came back with no items! But they also both asked for sewer scopes, which is the permission to send a small camera down to check the condition of the sewer. The first offer sent the camera down and discovered a major problem & ended up backing out of the deal. We advised the second buyer of the problem, they too sent a camera down and simply asked that it be fixed. We agreed, my sellers did not even know they had a problem & wanted to make things right. Quite a few $$ later and a messy deep trench and it was done!.
The value is that a major unknown problem was discovered and fixed. No lawsuits, no sleepless nights, no brokers looking for who to blame.
The value of having it done, even way before you sell is measurable, too. As a broker, being able to show a buyer the condition of the sewer before an offer is made is Money in the bank.

Call me to discuss whether you should do a scope and a recommendation to the better sewer scope companies. They are not all the same!

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